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In today's fast-paced, ever-changing world of taxes, accounting and finance, it's increasingly prudent to have a professional in your corner.

Some tax-saving ideas from Barton Black


  • Do you ever wonder if you're paying more than you should to the IRS?
  • Did you spend way too much time preparing your tax return last year?
  • Do you know when you can discard some of your mounting tax records?
  • Did you purchase do-it-yourself tax preparation software last year and wonder if you filed correctly or got your money's worth?
  • Do you ever worry about being audited?
  • Do you know your taxpayer rights?


Hire the services of a tax professional and you'll be teaming up with an individual committed to lifelong learning and increasing expertise in the fields of accounting, tax and finance. This commitment and a genuine dedication to serving clients with the utmost of propriety and efficiency are the key ingredients in helping you minimize your taxes, maximize your financial health and save time.


To develop successful strategies for emerging businesses and to minimize the tax burden of all our clients.


We are a full-service, tax preparation, CPA firm focusing on small business and personal IRS tax. Although not usually needed by our clients, we do offer expert service in IRS negotiations, offers in compromise, installment agreements, delinquent tax, tax collections issues, payroll taxes problems, tax liens, wage levy release, bond levies and seizures.


"After years of doing our own taxes, my husband and I decided that we needed a professional to help us with some special tax needs regarding rental property.  Barton Black, CPA, seemed the best bet, as we had known him for many years and wanted to work with someone we knew and trusted.  We were very pleased with the professional way he worked with us; we continued to ask Barton to do our taxes. Three years ago, there was a death in the family, and Barton's expertise was of special importance in that tax year and the next. The tension is greatly eased when one works with a trusted tax professional."

C Vail

Thank you so much! I can hardly believe it - that we could go from owing $9,000 to getting $992.30 - WOW! (they even added interest). You are worth your weight in gold!!!

L. Weichmann

"Several years ago we had a complicated tax return due to an inheritance. The IRS came back and said we owed about $3000 more. Barton researched in his usual thorough way and wrote a letter to the IRS explaining the situation. We did not have to pay the additional amount due to Mr. Black's knowledge and the letter he composed for us."

R and A Ratcliff

"No matter how hard you plan, something always comes up at the last minute. It is important to have 'real-time' advice in today's world. Barton Black is always quick to respond and always helps his clients find workable solutions!"

M Wellborn

2013 Tax Organizer
Download a PDF of our tax organizer forms to help you gather information needed for your tax return.




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"Without counsel, plans fail,
   but with many advisers they succeed."
Proverbs 15:22


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